Design process & service

1. Briefing

project idea, clients corporate ID, market + consumer, tasks, schedule, calculation

2. Research

bechmarks, trends, colors, materials, ecology, appearance

3. Conception

moods, design direction, strategy, color story, first designs

4. Design

design of line, graphics, illustrations, prints, artworks

5. Optimization

discussion of details and solutions, modofications, final presentation

6. Finalization

color variations, tech. descriptions, final fabric choice, art works, tech pack

7. Products

liase with producer, help find solutions, judge prototypes, fitting sessions

Our competence partners


patternmaking, prototypes, product data management

Trademark registration

assistance during registration process, graphical preparation of documents

Sport ergonomics

evalutation & analysis, ergonomic studies, anthropometry survey innovation-stimulus & solutions, lab & field testing

Testing certifications

textile products-investigations, standard, batch & serial testing, audit activities, certifications

Sales marketing

restructuring, market launch & brand start ups

Sourcing purchasing

manufacturers for production and fabrics, calculations, offers, counter samples

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